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After a happy moment of buying some jewelry come a necessity to keep it somehow, because it must be in perfect glamour condition every time. Each jewelry item has its own kind of cleaning according to specific materials. In this category we offer different types of cleaners and kinds of chemicals, which will help you to keep new and old gold, silver or stone “toys” always good as at first day of shopping.

Yes, your decorations from time to time require cleaning. Gold jewelry soak in special chemicals for gold, which you can freely find and buy on our stock and wipe gently with a soft brush, especially places around fasteners. Wash chain slightly shaking, until the dirt doesn’t come down, then pat dry. Spots on the gold item may appear not only owing to the mercury and salts contained in some cosmetic creams, ointments, but also by iodine. They are easy to remove. In most rings of dust accumulates under the stone. Gently clean the stone and frame top, bottom. Then polish the ring. Stone frame in any case can’t be cleaned with a sharp object, it’s so easy to damage the stone. You can just wash the gold thing.

Products covered rhodium (white precious metal) best to clean with a soft cloth. Although rhodium metal is chemically stable, but over time it tends to wear off. After washing products gently wipe dry to dryness. Attention! This is very important! If the product remains moist, it will reflect on the metal badly. Silver jewelry only get better with using. Hollows covered natural patina and convexity polished to shine. Stones are known and differ in the hardness and that have influence on the possible ways of its cleaning. That’s what about jewelry with inserts. Diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, quartz, topaz, beryl, aquamarine and some others have a hardness factor not less than 5. Products with such stones should be cleaned gently with a soft brush (if metal products - gold or platinum). Jewelry with enamel or products, decorated with enamel, must be cleaned with a special (may be cotton) swab. Should remember that the enamel is glass, which cannot be subjected to shock, extreme temperatures, as well as apply for cleaning hard sponges, brushes and abrasives.