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Tunnels, as a kind of piercing jewelry, are a hollow, tube-shaped accessory used in stretched or scalpelled piercing. They may be worn instead of ear plugs because their less weight. Moreover, this accessory may be put on with a captive bead ring as well as with some other object that passes through it.

Speaking about the specific of this jewelry, the tunnels are possible to have different sizes. They are produced from a great variety of materials that include titanium, surgical steel, silicone, Pyrex glass, bone, acrylic glass, amber, horn, stone, bamboo and wood. All these materials are really safe, so the people may wear them in the earlobe or other soft-tissue piercing such as in the nipples or nasal septum. Moreover, tunnels may be decorated with an interesting inlay as well as semi-precious stones.

It’s very important to know that some tunnels possess flares averting this accessory from falling out. Moreover, this jewelry is possible to feature grooves near the edges (in case when there are no flares) for letting a silicone o-ring or rubber to hold the tunnel on site. Additionally, the back of such accessory is possible to screw off.

The assortment of tunnels in our online shop will undoubtedly impress you in a pleasant way. Here you will be able to find something appropriate and special for any type of occasion, situation or event. Thus, we will secure you with stainless steel accessories with colorful skulls, black tunnels with an interesting figures, jewelry from black silicone, accessories decorated with big gemstones, those tunnels which use the blue marble, jewelry with pink rhinestone crystals, dream catcher tunnels that are produced from rainbow titanium, silicone and flexible accessories that look like teardrop, jewelry with painted cannabis and yin yang logo, tunnels that have depicted lightning, cat eye, star etc. Moreover, our internet service will offer you an interesting variant of this accessory which is made up of organic sono wood as well as those tunnels which use gold in their structure.

Generally, we will secure you with everything you desire, wish, want and look for. Our online shop will become a real treasure for you. And our treasures are possible to turn into your ideal accessories for every day wearing and formal occasions. Thus, stay with us and you won’t surely regret. Our internet service will help you realize all innermost wishes connected with the choosing of appropriate tunnels.