Genuine Gemstone 925 Silver Overlay Handmade Fashion Necklace Jewelry

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Genuine Moonstone 925 Silver Overlay Handmade Fashion Necklace Jewelry

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Genuine & Created Gemstone 925 Silver Overlay Handmade Fashion Necklace Jewelry

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Genuine Moonstone 925 Silver Overlay Handmade Fashion Necklace Jewelry

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Genuine Turquoise 925 Silver Overlay Handmade Fashion Necklace Jewelry

The women as well as men like to decorate themselves from the ancient times. You just need to recall the gorgeous Egyptian, burning oriental and tender Slavic women, who had the inner desire to self-perfection with the help of peculiar for that epoch accessories. In such a way woman’s natural and fragile at the first sight femininity connected with unnoticeable power concluded in the wisdom, gentleness and jewelry made all surrounding males be at the feet of such magnificent creature.

Times have changed. However, the natural wish of the person to save her/his uniqueness and originality with the help of accessories is going through the centuries, giving rise for more and more interesting combinations of materials, prints and forms. What is more, the modern designers are constantly busy with making of fantastic hand-made collections of exclusive fashion jewelry. Therefore, the up-to-date woman is undoubtedly secured with a great opportunity to choose the appropriate accessories, concerning her own appearance, living style and preferences.

What is more, we cannot practically imagine any woman without jewelry at the present time because accessories help her create incredibly feminine, tender and romantic image every day nevertheless the certain type of clothes or the specifics of the work. So, it is undoubtedly woman’s privilege to wear rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets and various necklaces.

In such a way a torque is surely that neck accessory which creates the special and unsurpassed image, presenting some notes of uncommonness. Such jewelry may be described as a metal collar, neck ring or armband which consists of a bar or ribbon of twisted metal curved into a loop. The ends of this accessory are fashioned into fascinating knobs, which are decorated with various motifs (for example, animal heads) or drawn out and bent abruptly so as to hook into one another. Usually, torque is not flexible and is of great weight and size.

Speaking about the assortment of this jewelry in our online shop, we are possible to secure you will various exemplars and models of such accessory. Here you will be able to find torques made up of brown natural wood; coral jewelry with diamond pave turquoise; fashion collars with black horn pendants; long necklaces with Swarovski elements and Austrian crystals in the form of fluttering butterfly; torques beaded with natural carnelian black onyx and red agate; accessories in the form of zig zag triangle representing the style of southwestern Chevron geometric pyramid; braided leather chains of black color with stainless steel tips etc.

Being fashion-conscious woman, you should certainly have such accessory in your jewelry collection. Undoubtedly, it will present a new look and interesting notes in your general and ordinary appearance.