Carolyn Pollack Smoky Quartz Mediallion Pendant Enhancer

Sterling Silver White Agate Interchangeable Pendant Enhancer

Dear Drew by Drew Barrymore Harlem Pendant Enhancer

Carolyn Pollack Genuine .925 Sterling Silver Teal Blue Kingman Turquoise Pendant Enhancer

Sterling Silver Mixed Metal Mother of Pearl and Leather Pendant Enhancer

Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Cross Pendant Enhancer

Sterling Silver Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Naja Pendant Enhancer

Alex Woo Sterling Silver Icon 1.5mm Chain Pendant Enhancer, 2"

Vera Bradley Symmetry Necklace, Metal

Sterling Silver Turquoise Interchangeable Pendant Enhancer

The role of pendant enhancer is really significant. With its help you will receive a great chance to refresh an old necklace, presenting it a new look as well as supplement the neck accessory with the additional sparkle. Pendant enhancers will assist you with the getting more different images out of the items in your jewelry box. Moreover, existing in numerous variations, these accessories will undoubtedly satisfy any tastes, styles and preferences.

Speaking about the materials used for enhancers’ production, they may embrace different kinds of metals. It may be a precious alloy that includes gold, silver or platinum as well as cheap metals that comprise steel, copper or bronze. These accessories are possible to be of various styles. Some enhancers feature minimalistic designs to emphasize the beauty of diamonds or other precious stones. The other are created with the aim to allow their possessors to use existing pendants on beaded strands. Besides, there are accessories which combine the pendant and enhancer designs into one piece.

Usually, there exist two types of these accessories. One of them is designed with an extra-wide bail. The other kind features a U-shaped piece of metal for attaching the regular pendant to a wide or beaded necklace. Regarding the first type of such jewelry, it owns a wide opening that will be appropriate for larger sizes of chains than the traditional pendants. The second kind of accessory attaches a separate drop to the chain or necklace by hooked ends. In such a way it will hang naturally.

Our online shop will open for you a wide variety of available pendant enhancers. Here you will be able to find everything you wish and desire. Our jewelry collection embraces the following items: genuine onyx pendant enhancers in sterling silver; accessories decorated with red jasper; silver plated charms in the form of horn, key, heart, clover and flower; rose quartz cabochon jewelry; enhancers incrusted with purple semi-precious stones; accessories made up of sterling silver and genuine olive quartz; sutra citrine enhancers with smoky cross; jewelry decorated with sutra white topaz and labradorite; mixed metal accessories with rhodonite; sterling silver enhancers with bold black onyx; accessories that comprise sterling silver, mixed metals and rose quartz in their production, pendant enhancers made up of sterling silver, blue turquoise and blue lace agate etc.

In any way we will offer something matching you in the perfect way. Therefore, do not lose your chance to become a possessor of the ideal jewelry that will considerably beatify your general appearance.