Victor Mayer 18K Gold Diamond Locket - 1 Inch Wide X 1 3/4 Inches Tall

14k Yellow Gold-Filled Engraved Four-Picture Heart Locket Necklace, 20"

Sterling Silver Oval Hand-Engraved Locket Necklace, 18"

Sterling Silver Engraved Flowers Heart Locket Necklace, 18"

Sterling Silver Engraved Four-Picture Heart Locket Necklace, 20"

Unique for Grandma Necklace, Perfect Gift for Mom Necklace, Floating Charm Locket Necklace Gifts for Mom

Sterling Silver Engraved Flowers Oval Locket, 20"

Sterling Silver Children's Petite Embossed Heart Locket Pendant Necklace , 15"

14k Gold-Filled Two-Tone Hand-Engraved Heart Locket Necklace, 18"

Floating Living Memory Locket Pendant Necklace Family Tree of Life Necklace All Birthstone Charms Include

Such universal accessories as lockets have appeared several centuries ago. They won the hearts of numerous people at once. Up till now this jewelry is loved by fashion-conscious men and women who want to emphasize their individuality and peculiar style. Moreover, lockets are possible to be worn nevertheless the age and sex belonging.

Generally, this accessory features small cases of metal, into which the possessor is possible to put little photographs, a lock of hair, aromatized items or other tiny memento. Usually, the lockets are worn on the chain around the neck. However, there are also cases when they hang from a pin-backed brooch.

This jewelry is deeply rooted in the Victorian age, distinguishing certain sentimentality. The young ladies of that time used lockets for hiding a picture of their sweethearts as well as those men they wished were their potential life partners. In situations when the loved guy offered up a lock of his hair, such gesture was regarded as a serious step for future life. Therefore, the proposal of marriage was meant to be not far off.

The peculiar type of locket is a mourning jewelry that preserves a lock of hair from a departed loved person. This accessory was very popular in the nineteenth century that featured rigid social rules and rights. Thus, this jewelry was worn for an entire year after the lost of the sweetheart together with the black colored clothes. During this period, mourning locket was the only accessory allowed. The other jewelry was regarded as an undoubted lack of respect to the departed partner.

The modern lockets do not carry a serious idea or meaning. What is more, they turn into a convenient way to preserve the photos of the dearest and closest people. Besides, this accessory really decorates the neck and makes the general image of any woman incredibly romantic and sensual. Therefore, every fashion-conscious girl should immediately purchase such type of jewelry.

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