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A choker is a particular type of necklace that fits very tightly around the neck. It sits around the throat like a collar without draping down to the chest or collarbone. Usually, this kind of accessory is associated with high fashion. However, it is possible to take various meanings under the influence of peculiar circumstances. Thus, the plain chokers made up of the red ribbon were always connected with prostitution. In their turn black woven ribbons pointed out the secret lesbianism.

This jewelry has an old history. It was originated from the fashion of wearing a ribbon around the neck during the worst excesses of the French Revolution. At that time the young ladies in England as well as in other countries of the world put the red ribbon on their throats as a symbol of those people who have perished at the guillotine. Therefore, the primary goal of such accessory wearing implied to a gesture of sympathy and solidarity with a class of victims.

At the present time this kind of jewelry is made up of all possible materials which range from wooden beads strung on the lace, metal or leather to pearls and precious stones which are set in a golden or platinum frame. This accessory is possible to have one level as well as many levels. Besides, it may feature a pendant. Generally, the choker may be referred to the unisex accessories. However, they may be also divided exclusively into women and men jewelry items. Everything depends on the general elegance, color gamut and ruggedness. Additionally, it should be mentioned that chokers may have not only the decorative character. This accessory is possible to turn into a real talisman as well as feature the deep shades of meaning.

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Thus, everything is in your hands. So, if you want to look stylish and extraordinary you should immediately choose one of the fantastic chokers offered by our internet service.