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Going deep into the history, you may find out that earrings by their own accord have been appeared for about 7000 years ago. However, clip-ons were invented only in the XX century. Nevertheless their late origination, these earrings became popular in no time with the help of their easy lock mechanism. The zest of these accessories consists in the fact that they may be without ears puncturing. Such jewelry is held up on the ear by means of the special mechanical clip. Therefore, absolutely all women will receive a chance to decorate their ears with such earrings.

It must be admitted that clip-ons are very suitable that’s why they do not practically trouble during the wearing. However, there are also people who feel some kind of discomfort while putting this jewelry on. Everything depends on the threshold of sensivity and the accessory weight. Therefore, selecting the clip-ons, you should take into consideration on such important factors.

Many lovers of this jewelry do not even know that its inventor is Lui Cartie – the founder of the famous fashionable house Cartie. Such idea was inspired by the usual clothespin. Thus, estimating the simple mechanism of this equipment, he decided to apply it in the jewelry without hesitation. And he didn’t miscalculate. At the present time this kind of earrings has become very popular. More and more women begin to wear clip-ons, feeling the great pleasure.

The additional delight will be received when you envisage the earrings assortment offered by our online shop. Here you will be able to find an enormous variety of clip-ons, which are made up of different materials and which use diverse decoration. Therefore, there will be nothing for you but to begin the search of the most appropriate accessories, looking for them among silver tone textured jewelry; earrings decorated with cubic zirconium of sapphire color which are held in prong-basket setting; clip-ons with round shapes incrusted with crystals; accessories in the form of teardrop or bow; gold tone jewelry with pink multi-cluster; silver tone earrings with numerous colourful crystals; cute clip-ons in the form of whispering angle wings; wonderful accessories with the shapes of three leaf clover decorated with cubic zirconium; lovely open heart earrings with clear crystals; jewelry wrapped with the wire; accessories with the shapes of silver angle wing with crystals and many others.

In any way, envisaging such fantastic diversity of stunning clip-ons, you won’t be able to keep from buying the lovely pair. So, visit our online shop and you will never regret!