1 Carat Certified Diamond Stud Earrings, (K-L Color I1-I2 Clarity)

0.50 Carat Certified Diamond Stud Earrings, (K-L Color, I1-I2 Clarity)

14K Gold Round-Cut Diamond Stud Earring (1/4-2 cttw, K-L Color, I2 Clarity)

Jstyle Jewelry Women's Stainless Steel Round Clear Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring (6 Pairs)

AGS Certified 14K Gold Round-Cut Diamond Stud Earring (1/4-2 cttw, K-L Color, I1-I2 Clarity)

Diamond Jewel 14K Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings

14k Yellow Gold Square Tube Hoop Earrings

Certified 14k White Gold Diamond with Screw Back and Post Stud Earrings (J-K Color, I1-I2 Clarity)

1/4ct tw Diamond Stud Earring in 14k White Gold

Blue & White Diamond Small Square Sterling Silver Lever Back Earrings

Not every woman knows that the history of such jewelry as earrings has the male beginning. It is caused by the fact that the first earrings have been created for about seven thousands years ago just for representatives of the stronger sex. With the course of time this accessory has become popular among women because with its help the females were possible to display their economic prosperity. The special meaning was given to earrings which were decorated with stones. Therefore, as brighter they were as richer the lady was.

At the present society every woman may display her individuality with the help of such jewelry. Therefore, the modern choice of earrings really impresses by its diversity. They may differ in accordance with the used material or form, design or decoration. Generally, the earrings are divided into particular groups that embrace studs, hoops, drop and dangles, cuffs, balls, clip-on etc. What is more, the stylish earrings may belong either to fashion jewelry or the accessories which use precious metals and stones in their production.

Having such diversity of variants, the earrings may become a real problem for those people who cannot choose this jewelry in appropriate way. Therefore, on the one hand you need to select the accessories you really like. But on the other hand the chosen earrings should emphasize the peculiarities of your appearance. Therefore, in any way you should pay a great attention on your face form.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that earrings from precious materials will be perfect for special occasions. In their turn accessories, belonging to the fashion jewelry, will turn into the best variant for every day wearing. What is more, nevertheless your style the earrings will always play a special role for your costume, becoming a stylish zest. So, remember the following things:

  • The classical studs will emphasize the charm of elegant women;
  • The hoop earrings will look lovely with jeans and naughty T-shirt;
  • Drop and dangles of dark color will be perfect for the evening dress. In their turn the bright variants of such earrings will look appropriate with summer sundress;
  • Cuffs will become the best accessory if you wear the clothes in the oriental style.

Our online shop offers all earrings variants mentioned below. Additionally, with the help of our internet service you will be able to select the magnificent clip-ons, diamond accented jewelry and earrings jackets. Besides, keep in mind that our fashion accessories use qualitative materials and rich decoration in their production. Therefore, do not waste your precious time and choose our online shop for selecting the most appropriate and consummate earrings.