CZ Champagne Bottle Clip-On Charm in 925 Sterling Silver by Amore La Vita

Rembrandt Charms, Owl, Synthetic Stones

Pancreatic Cancer Hanging Purple Ribbon Charm Partial Rope Bracelet in a Gift Box (1 Bracelet - Retail)

Black Cord Transgender Rectangle Charm Bracelet in a Gift Box (1 Bracelet - Retail)

Rembrandt Charms, Embraced with Love, Birthday Stone

Juicy Couture Pave Crystal Faux Pearl Crown Mini Charm

Lupus Hanging Purple Ribbon Charm Partial Rope Bracelet in a Gift Box (1 Bracelet - Retail)

Official Harry Potter Slytherin Crest Cufflinks

Colon Cancer Hanging Dark Blue Ribbon Charm Partial Rope Bracelet in a Gift Box (1 Bracelet - Retail)

Alpha Kappa Alpha AKA Color Filed Stainless Heart Charm Necklace

It seemed that everything has been invented in the jewelry world and the space for creativity hasn’t been left. However, it’s not a true! And charm is the evidence. These accessories were known by people as far back as in the prehistoric times. But at that time they had the character of amulets and talismans that possessed the magical protecting strength. The age of the first charm numbers for about 75 000 years. They were made up of clay, animal bones and sea shells. At the same time the 30000 years old charms were cut from the elephant ivory and had the form of the cutely carved figures.

At the present time the charms have a deep meaning and peculiar sense. Usually, they reflect the inner world of their possessor displaying his/her hobbies, the life position, the memorable moments or the received emotions after some interesting traveling etc. In such a way the number of modern charms is really incredible. Therefore, these accessories are divided into particular groups for better orientation in such variety.

Generally, the charms may feature beads, clasps and the Italian style. However, the clasp jewelry is one of the most spread and preferred kinds of such accessories. They embrace different subject areas such as love, hobby, animals, signs, professions and many others. Therefore, the clasp charms may be chosen in accordance with the particular life event, which has a really significant meaning for you. What is more, such kind of jewelry is possible to diversify the bracelet in a considerable way, making it original and distinct from other wrist accessories.

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