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As far back as in the 5th century B.C. the Syrian jewelers manufactured women’s bracelets. At that time they were used for sleeves fastening. However, in most cases this accessory carries the decorative function. For example, the charm bracelets are considered to be the necessary attribute of the women’s national costume in India. Therefore, they are worn either on the wrists or feet.

Charm bracelet or a single charm at all is possible to become a symbol of very important and essential event. Thus, French women have a tradition to buy original charm for bracelet in every city they visited during their traveling. It means that purchasing such accessory you will also receive an excellent opportunity to point out some grandiose occasion or imprint the memory about the close person.

Nowadays the women bracelets with charms are very actual. Therefore, you will undoubtedly look for the appropriate one from an enormous assortment of fashion jewelry. These accessories may be of different designs: flower shaped, in the form of zodiac signs, female wardrobe items or hearts etc. In such a way you will have high chances to face the problem of difficult choice. Therefore, it will be better for you to get known more about this kind of jewelry to make the right decision.

  • The bracelets with charms in the form of heart, cupid or cute little flowers will be perfect for romantic natures;
  • The charm bracelets that have the shapes of musical instruments, notes or treble clef will be undoubtedly ideal for creative personalities. Additionally, such people will be recommended to decorate their bracelets with charms in the form of bow which features thin bands of light colors;
  • The fashion-conscious people should choose the charm bracelets with the shapes of bag, lipstick or shoe. What is more, these accessories must be decorated with numerous shining stones;
  • The business style needs one-colour bracelet with the only charm. However, the last one should have more massive size.

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