3mm, 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Solid Cable Chain Necklace, 24 Inch

3mm, 14k Yellow Gold, Concave Anchor Chain Anklet, 10 Inch

14K White Gold Created Ruby Diamond Halo Ring Heart Shape 1.90 Carats Total

JewelryPalace Cushion 3ct Cubic Zirconia Promise Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring 925 Sterling Silver

JewelryPalace 1.5ct Infinity Cubic Zirconia Simulated Diamond Anniversary Promise Wedding Band Engagement Ring Bridal Sets 925 Sterling Silver

Black Bow Jewelry 14k Two-tone Gold Puff Heart Anklet, 9-10 Inch

Black Bow Jewelry 14k Yellow Gold Diamond-cut Hearts Anklet, 9-10 Inch

5mm, Sterling Silver, Hollow Loose Rope Chain Necklace, 24 Inch

Sterling Silver German Shepherd Bead Charm

2.25mm, 14k Yellow Gold, Handmade Solid Rope Chain Necklace

Since olden times, the people have been decorating themselves with accessories which had the form of circle because it symbolized an eternity. This ring had a deep symbolism. Moreover, it was possible to tell about the status of its possessor. The gorgeous massive rings with the signet shapes and numerous precious gemstones pointed out the high rank of its wearer. And the golden accessories without any insert embodied the love, purity and faithfulness of the newly married couple.

Furthermore, the rings executed just the practical role. Thus, this accessory was adapted by archers, shoemakers and warriors for demands and needs of their profession. Moreover, it happened very often that such jewelry was used instead of signet, signature or stamp. The precious golden rings were considered as recognizing sign and the symbol of membership in a particular community. In such a way Masons, Jesuits, Templars and members of other secret communities possessed their pass-rings. What is more, there were accessories with secret that hid the poison inside. Such jewelry has become the instrument of killing, having taken away a lot of people’s lives. Nowadays, the recognizing tradition of rings is kept only by precious accessories and seal rings of clubs and educational institutions because they are supposed to be organizations’ brand attributes.

With the course of time, the rings utility took a back seat. Therefore, at the present time, their main goal consists in decorating the appearance and presenting the individual style and image for their possessors. In such a way, the modern ring is one of the most spread accessories. It means that this jewelry has an incredible number of variations. As to the men rings, they are sufficiently laconic. But, speaking about the design of women’s finger accessories, it doesn’t have any limits and boundaries. There are so original exemplars, which cannot be even compared with a ring. They are real masterpieces of the jewelry art. Moreover, the modern design as well as diversity of alloys, gemstones and all possible inserts from plastic, leather or Swarovski crystals helped the jewelers to implement the most daring accessory ideas in life.

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