A precious torque necklace (or neck ring) is a magnificent jewelry piece that is relatively easy to buy as well as make. This accessory has a long history. It was an important accessory of Celtic jewelry art. During that time, the torque was a powerful symbol that pointed out the free-born status of its possessor. Moreover, it was often supplemented with additional rings and bracelets, which were put on wrists and arms. Such accessories of that time were produced from bronze, copper, gold or silver. They were worn either by men or women. The ancient torque necklaces featured different forms. However, the most popular among them has the animal print. Additionally, such jewelry represented natural and supernatural forces, deities and personal qualities.

A common torque design features a simple cable of woven metal, usually silver with gold inlay, with the only ornamentation occurring at the clasp. It is a common Celtic design which is thought to be nearly 2,500 years old. What is more, torques may be created with a special opening in the metal so it could be easily placed around the neck.

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