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Prayer Poison Box Heart Shaped Amethyst Sterling Silver 925 Pendant

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Poison Box Amethyst Sterling Silver 925 Pendant

Locket is an accessory, which has come from the ancient times without losing its actuality. The word “locket” was originated in Ancient Rome. At that time such jewelry looked like a big gold and richly decorated coin fastened to the chain. However, nowadays, locket features round, oval and sometimes square forms. Usually, it is strung on the chain or a string. It consists of two parts on jointed junction which latch with the help of little lock. Moreover, there is a special rim inside the locket, that’s why its possessor will receive a nice opportunity to save a photo, a part of relic or just simply dear thing in it.

Lockets went a long way during the Middle Ages. At that time the saint relics and sweethearts’ curls were preserved in them. What is more, these accessories were nicely decorated with miniatures in European countries. They were worn on the neck with the help of cute velvet lace.

At the present time the popularity of lockets is also incredible. Therefore, they embrace a fantastic variety of all possible forms, designs, styles and materials. As a rule, these accessories are made up of nonferrous metals, silver, gold or platinum. Moreover, they are decorated by engraving, precious gemstones or enamel. Usually, the upper part of locket may be polished or engraved. The more expensive jewelry exemplars are incrusted with fantastic shining crystals.

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