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The women all over the world tried to supplement their attire with all possible accessories from the ancient times. The special place among them was given to jewelry for neck. Bright or modest, laconic or provocative necklaces were possible not only present some special zest in any garment, lighten the mood and emphasize the individuality, but also tell a lot about their possessors. Moreover, this jewelry was able to make the woman irresistible, showing all femininity and elegance of her face oval and neck.

Necklaces have been worn throughout history. However, they have various forms and designs in accordance with the particular period. Thus, natural materials for accessories production (for example, shells) were popular in the Paleolithic era. Mongolians preferred long necklaces from dozen strands of pearls which reached below the naval. During the Renaissance, European ladies often put on three or more neck accessories at once. By the 16th century, jewelry began to follow fashion trends. However, its role of the social status sign disappeared with the Industrial Revolution.

At the present time, necklaces feature an enormous variety of styles ranging from the classic pearl choker or gold torsade to romantic beaded accessories. Heart necklaces and lockets are reminders of love while cross jewelry is an expression of faith. What is more, the modern accessories are possible to use an incredible diversity of materials like art glass, black clay from Oaxaca or hand-painted cedar, which brings new life to necklaces fashion. Natural flowers immortalized in resin, silver beads from Thailand’s hill tribes or bright expressions of pre-Hispanic motifs…. the list is endless.

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