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The history of drop and dangle earrings embraces thousands years. The diversity of their design variants as well as their brightness and attractive style won the hearts of numerous women from the first days of civilization.

Envisaging the enormous variety of modern earrings, we should properly admit that drop and dangle accessories are considered to be the most popular ones. Such popularity is caused by their possibility to underline the elegant curve of the neck in a considerable way. Moreover, they look incredibly festively and bright. Therefore, being a possessor of such jewelry you will surely feel like the true lady on the first ball.

However, if you decided to purchase such type of earrings you would be recommended to take into consideration definite peculiarities of this jewelry. Thus, the women, who have long necks and right face oval, will look perfect in any kind of drop and dangle earrings. But if you desire to lengthen your neck visually you should select the accessories which are longer than 3 or 4 centimeters. Additionally, consider the form of earrings. Light and airy drop and dangle accessories that comprise several thin chains or small beads will make your image incredibly romantic. Moreover, they will match women who want to soften their face oval. The ladies on the wrong side of thirty will be amazing with earrings which are ended by one massive stone. And the universal variant of dangle earrings, that will suit any female, features teardrop form and several elements of the medium size.

Our online shop comprises a fantastic number of drop and dangle earrings. They are made up of different precious metals such as silver and gold. Besides, our accessories are richly decorated with all possible gemstones: cubic zirconium, emeralds, sapphires etc. Therefore, your choice of appropriate earrings will be surely great. In general, you will receive an opportunity to choose something from sterling silver filigree accessories in the form of teardrop; wonderful jewelry made up of 10k yellow gold, freshwater cultured pearls and diamonds; round drops representing Celtic knot; earrings from sterling silver, pearls and cubic zirconium; sterling silver accessories incrusted with white sapphire and aquamarine; coral color jewelry in the form of shell with fireball accents; fantastic drop earrings from sterling silver which are decorated with simulated turquoise and white freshwater pearls; accessories in the form of love knot which are made up of sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, black topaz and diamonds etc.

In any way the visiting of our online shop won’t be vain. Our amazing assortment of drop and dangle earrings will make you purchase the accessories of your dream.