$5000 - $500000

Just earrings may be called the most elegant, refined and feminine jewelry items because these accessories are possible to emphasize the tenderness and beauty of woman’s face and depth of her eyes. Moreover, such jewelry may present a special charm and mysteriousness to any female. Correctly chosen earrings, nevertheless the material of their production, may harmoniously make accents as well as become the main zest of general image, supplementing the modest clothes with specific romanticism and delicateness.

Earrings may be a part of the set or self-sufficient detail. Everything depends on their size, brightness and style solution. However, the main thing you should take into consideration while choosing them, is whether they look harmoniously on you. One more important moment is whether they reflect your inner world. All others factors such as fashion, price, model, material of production, their appropriateness in a definite situation, time and place depend just on your personal wishes and imagination.

A magical world of magnificent earrings will be opened in front of you by our online shop. Here you will surely find a lot of interesting, original and gorgeous accessories that must look perfect with your casual clothes, evening attire and even business costume. However, the most universal earrings in our collection are, of course, clip-ons. They may be of different forms, sizes and designs. Moreover, our clip-ons are made up of different precious metals – silver, gold and platinum. Additionally, it should be admitted that our earrings have a magnificent decoration that uses a lot of shining gemstones.

Generally, visiting our internet service, you will receive a free access to the following models of clip-ons: accessories which are made up of sterling silver and freshwater white pearls; rectangle sterling silver earrings; jewelry of square form from sterling silver and blue inlay; accessories in the form of nautical sea life shell; sterling silver diamond cut filigree marquise clip-ons; oval earrings from 925 sterling silver with engraved leaf; jewelry made up of white round pearl and 18k gold; antique gold plated amethyst earrings; sterling silver accessories with turquoise inlay; silver jewelry decorated with cubic zirconium and sapphire; genuine 14k gold clip-ons; polished oval earrings from sterling silver and other variants.

So, if you are afraid of ear piercing the clip-ons will become a wonderful earrings variant for you. In any way you will look like queen wearing such stunning accessories.