Can just a tiny jewelry item tell something about personal tastes, character or mood of its possessor? We have no doubt in it. And this task is successfully realized by so called emotions “indicators” – charms. These lovely accessories for bracelets are favourite jewelry of numerous Hollywood stars. Thus, Paris Hilton doesn’t part with her charm bracelet in the form of fiery bird. Mary-Kate Olsen has the fantastic collection of charms dedicated to domestic animals. The outstanding Oprah Winfrey repeatedly expressed her passion to this cute jewelry. Such artists as Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson like to fasten these accessories to their bags. And Maraya Kerry named her album “Charm bracelet”.

Charms, as many other things of the present time, have appeared in the Ancient Egypt. At that period their function was really indispensable. They pointed out the status of person, who was going to cross the Great Divide. Moreover, with the help of signs, depicted on charms, the Egyptian gods differentiated all people and in accordance with this they presented their favour. During the Victorian epoch the charms were presented by parents to their daughters as amulets protecting from various troubles. And usually family crosses played that role.

Nowadays charms are very actual zest that supplements the image with additional intimacy and romanticism. This accessory may be considered to be “must have” of every fashion-conscious woman because it expresses the latest vogue tendencies. Therefore, charms are constant companions of such fashion houses as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and Juicy Couture.

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