Extra Initial or Symbol - Tiny Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Charm, Add-On to Any Necklace

Efy Tal Jewelry Extra Initial, Small/medium/large Charm in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled, Add on Custom Charm

Initial Bracelet - Custom Gold Filled Dainty Heart, Small Monogram Delicate Simple Bracelet

Custom Sterling Silver Dainty Heart Initial Bracelet - Small Delicate Monogrammed Heart

Efy Tal Jewelry Additional Birth Month Charm

Rembrandt Charms, Winged Shoe, Engravable

Rembrandt Charms, Dog Tag, Engravable

EFYTAL Additional Name Pendant - Sterling Silver Personalized Name Disc to Be Added on to Any Necklace

Rembrandt Charms, Baptism, Engravable

EFYTAL Personalized ID Bracelet with Custom Name, Wedding Date, Verse, Coordinates

Charms are sweet and stylish pendants for bracelets which may be changed in accordance with a particular situation or occasion, mood of fashion trends. In ancient times these accessories had an important meaning. Particularly, they had a sacral sense in the Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

From the earliest times these tiny pendants were possible to tell significant things about their possessors – show the peculiar status or kind of activity. During the Middle Ages charms, as amulets, protected from various troubles and disasters. At that time the most popular pendants were in the form of animals (cats, cows and fish).

At the present time charms are incredibly actual jewelry. They are constant companions of such TV stars as Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton and Mary-Kate Olsen. These modern accessories are possible to have practically all forms whether it’s animal figures, different symbols, hearts, keys or even bead. Charms are produced from precious metals such as gold or silver. They are decorated with numerous precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Charms may be changed every day. Moreover, their diverse variants may be combined at once, creating your own unique accessory. Charms are bought or presented separately. With their help you will be available to make your inimitable bracelet. Besides, they may be worn as pendants for neck chains.

The collection of charms provided by our online shop is also incredibly diverse. Here you will be able to find jewelry which is made up of different materials and gemstones. Besides, our accessories may be of various sizes, colors, forms and styles. Therefore, you will be able to choose something appropriate either for sport style clothes or luxurious evening attire. Thus, there will be nothing for you but to visit our internet service and envisage its stunning assortment that includes the following charms: bead, clasp and Italian style. They comprise such models: accessories from sterling silver in the form of Happy birthday cupcake or dancing angle; 14k gold charms with figures of heart, cross and anchor; sterling silver jewelry with the shapes of parachute para sailer; interesting accessories in the form of castle, Venice gondola or 3D sea lion; jewelry made up of 14k gold that represents cursive letter “A”; enameled charm with shapes of panda bear; set of three charms with Chinese symbols that mean “Live, Laugh, Love” and many others.

We are glad you chose our jewelry shop. Besides, we know that our service will not do a bad turn for you. So, stay with us and you will never regret!