PANDORA Disney, Mickey Bracelet, Clear CZ 21cm

We have already outlived the handmade accessories from polymer clay, beads or thick felt. And now it’s high time for charm bracelets. They became very popular either among the young or adult women. Their popularity is caused by the fact that this jewelry may be created without assistance. Moreover, charm bracelets carry the covert meaning.

This accessory received its name in England. However, it doesn’t mean that Englishmen were progenitors of such jewelry. Charm bracelets have been known since the late Stone Age. Moreover, they didn’t lose their actuality in the Ancient Egypt and Rome Empire.

The word “charm” is translated from English as “amulet” or “fascination”. In such a way it undoubtedly combines the secret meaning and exceptional beauty. This accessory itself features the chain (or the bracelet from beads) with fastened pendants. These pendants may be sold separately, being made up of diverse materials such as precious metals and gemstones, ceramics or even enamel. Every jewelry item is chosen in accordance with its particular meaning. Therefore, every charm is associated with the definite important event in your life whether it’s the first date with the potential sweetheart, the birthday of children or an interesting travelling.

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