Bracelet, as a universal accessory, may comprise several functions. It’s worn with the aim to decorate your wrist and beautify the general image. Moreover, this accessory is possible to carry the specific meaning. Especially, it concerns the bracelets which feature one or several charms. Such tiny and cute add-ins may demonstrate various important and innermost traits of the owner’s character as well as its desires, way of live, hobby and the main principles.

The separate category of charm bracelets is Italian style accessories. They feature a series of individual links, which are hooked together on a stretchy band. Usually, this jewelry embraces eighteen links representing an Italian charm face whether it’s a design or image. Furthermore, the Italian charms feature individual pieces soldered flat onto the surface of the link. The charm bracelet implies the interchange of its integral parts. Therefore, the possessor of this accessory will be able to change the order of its components in accordance with the specific mood or own interests. Besides, the charms may be replaced with the aim to make a completely new look.

It should be mentioned that Italian charm bracelets may be divided into a separate categories due to their theme: a career, family, hobby etc. Moreover, they are possible to feature different styles: laser, photo, hand-painted, authentic licensed, deluxe-link and dangle Italian charm bracelets. Speaking about the material of production, this accessory may be made up of either precious or cheap metals. Besides, charm itself may be decorated with synthetic or genuine gemstones.

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