Extra Initial or Symbol - Tiny Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Charm, Add-On to Any Necklace

Efy Tal Jewelry Extra Initial, Small/medium/large Charm in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled, Add on Custom Charm

Initial Bracelet - Custom Gold Filled Dainty Heart, Small Monogram Delicate Simple Bracelet

Efy Tal Jewelry Additional Birth Month Charm

Custom Sterling Silver Dainty Heart Initial Bracelet - Small Delicate Monogrammed Heart

EFYTAL Additional Name Pendant - Sterling Silver Personalized Name Disc to Be Added on to Any Necklace

EFYTAL Personalized ID Bracelet with Custom Name, Wedding Date, Verse, Coordinates

The name of such jewelry item as bracelet was originated from French word “bracelet” which means “wrist”. The roots of this accessory go too far. The first bracelets in the history were produced from the leather, wood and other materials in the Lithic Age. The jewelry items from metal were widely spread during the Bronze Age. Speaking about the early Rus, its fine jewelry bracelets were known as “obruch” (“hoop”). They feature the wide hinged plates that supported the long sleeves of the shirt. During those times the peasants and townsmen may wear accessories from the copper. However, the noble people put on the bracelets from gold and silver decorated with browning. The precious accessories were afforded only by the most affluent people. Such bracelets featured the complicated zoomorphic pictures. Moreover, they were produced by all possible techniques: moulding, forging, engraving, incrustation, gilding, enamel etc. Since that time the golden bracelets decorated hands and displayed the esthetic self-expression as well as pointed out the possessor’s status. However, with the course of time they turned into a light solid hoops or chains made up of gold, diamonds and pearls.

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