0.50 Carat Genuine Pink Tourmaline .925 Sterling Silver Heart Shape Earrings

5.35 Carat Genuine Amethyst .925 Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring

Johareez 14K Yellow Gold Plated Pink Tourmaline Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver Latte art Coffee Cup Bead Charm Fit Major Brand Bracelet

1.70 Carat Genuine Emerald .925 Sterling Silver Ring

4.24 Carat Genuine Tanzanite .925 Sterling Silver Earrings

2.68 Carat Genuine Blue Topaz & Tanzanite .925 Sterling Silver Ring

3.90 Carat Genuine Amethyst & Rhodolite Garnet .925 Sterling Silver Floral Ring

6.95 Carat Genuine Smoky Quartz & White Topaz .925 Sterling Silver Ring

Johareez Smoky Quartz & White Topaz Sterling Silver Bold Ring

Various fine accessories for women are indeterminable weakness. Therefore, every daughter of Eve has them in her hidden box of the favourite jewelry. The bracelets take a special place there. This jewelry item is either an individual accessory or an integral part of the general culture in society. Along with earrings and necklaces, the woman’s bracelet is one of the most ancient accessories. With its help every representative of the fair sex may cardinally change her general image as well as make the special accent on a particular part of the body.

Generally, bracelets may be classified in accordance with their style of production. Conditionally, they are divided into: ethnic, classical; modern and floristic. The main role in the bracelet manufacturing is given to its material. In such a way the classical accessories are traditionally made up of different precious metals being incrusted with precious and semi-precious gemstones. The jewelry in modern style uses in its production an enormous number of diverse materials such as polymers or plastic. The ethnic bracelets are often made up of the wood, leather, bone and their combinations. This group of accessories possesses massive items which perfectly suit the ethnic or folklore clothing styles. Speaking about the floristic bracelets, this jewelry represents the theme of nature, flowers and their imitations.

Taking into consideration the form of bracelets, it should be mentioned that one of the most popular and universal accessories are bangles. This type of jewelry is finely offered by our online shop. Here you will undoubtedly find an incredible number and variety of charming and stunning bracelets which catch your eye at the first sight. All of them are really wonderful. Moreover, all of them are very original and interesting. Our collection of bangle bracelets comprises with romantic inscription “Love is not finding someone you can live with, it’s finding someone you can’t live without”; accessories made up of sterling silver and blue diamond; sterling silver jewelry incrusted with blue cubic zirconium; three bar black diamond textured bangles from sterling silver; fantastic accessories from rose gold; wide jewelry with etched leaf and star design; bonded tri-color interlocking bangles from sterling silver and 14k gold; cute accessories with turtle charm and many others.

Therefore, if you are looking for memorable and extraordinary gift for you or your close people you should immediately visit our online shop of amazing bracelets. Our bangles, which feature various types, stylizations, materials and high quality of production, will undoubtedly become a real finding for those people who know a thing or two in the accessories selection.