50 Pieces Ear Stretching Kit 14G-00G by Jiquan - Acrylic Tapers and Plugs + Silicone Tunnels - Ear Gauges Expander Set Body Piercing Jewelry

Vcmart 14G-00G 36pcs Ear Stretchers Kit Acrylic Tapers & Surgical Stainless Steel Eyelets Gauges Set, Black

vcmart Ear Stretching Kit Acrylic Tapers Surgical Steel Plugs Ear Gauges 32pcs

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JewelryVolt Flexible Silicone Claw Pincher Ear Taper NEON LIME GREEN Expander PLUGS Gauges

1 Gauge(1G-7mm) 4 Piece Ear Stretching Kit Black Acrylic Tapers and Steel Single Flared Tunnel Plugs

BodyJ4You Big Gauges kit 28 Pieces Tapers and Silicone Plugs Tunnels 00G-22mm Stretching Set

vcmart 50 Pieces Ear Gauge Stretching Kit 14G-00G Acrylic Tapers and Plugs Silicone Tunnels Ear Gauges Expander Set Body Piercing Jewelry

Black Acrylic Tapers - 3/4" - 19mm - Sold As a Pair

BodyJ4You 2PC Glass Ear Tapers Plugs 4G-16mm Teal Teardrop Spiral Gauges Piercing Jewelry Set

Tapers are a special device that helps you stretch piercing. It has a specific structure that features one small end gradually increasing in size. Therefore, you will be available to choose the necessary size until taper reaches the proper gauge. This type of jewelry has a great variety of sizes, which are, as a rule, identified by the gauge of the large end. Furthermore, tapers may differ in length. However, the most frequently used variants are for about 5.1-7.6 cm long. Speaking about the materials, which are used for tapers production, we should admit acrylic and surgical steel. These materials are the best ones because they safely protect the piercing from any kind of contamination and infection.

Tapers, as jewelry, may be considered as a special type because they have a fanciful form and design. On the one hand they help you stretch the gauge serving as auxiliary tool. However, on the other hand, tapers are possible to decorate your general appearance making it more bright, original and extraordinary. With their help you will undoubtedly stand out in the crowd. Moreover, tapers will assist you with changing your casual style into something special and unusual. Therefore, you will surely turn into the new individuality. Additionally, it should be mentioned that tapers are a great mean to show that you have your own life position, point of view and outlook.

At the present time the assortment of such jewelry is really incredible, especially in our online shop. Here you will receive a wonderful chance to find the tapers of various sizes, designs, colors and materials. Thus, visiting our internet service you will be able to make your choice among black, blue and white acrylic tapers, jewelry that uses stainless steel, the tapers which combine several colors, the accessories which are made up of bright color marble, tapers that look like a curious swirl, the organic jewelry which uses buffalo bone and horn hybrids, tapers in the form of tubal spiral or southwestern swirls, the accessories which are made up of surgical steel, tapers that are decorated with pink and black dots. Besides, you will be able to find here tapers in the form of black spirals with white skulls as well as those accessories that have rainbow bubblegum spatter coloring.

In any way some of our tapers will become your irreplaceable accessory for all occasions and situations. Besides, they will considerably supplement your general image making it more bright and extravagant. Thus, forget about other business and visit our fantastic online shop for purchasing something undoubtedly special to your soul.