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Earrings - is passed into the ear lobe decoration - invented by man in ancient times and are still extremely popular in all parts of the world. Their history dates back to the Stone Age, when in the course were the first products of shells, plates, wooden sticks. Found that seven millennia ago, Asians vengeance traded earrings in 4th millennium BC. e. they sported the Egyptians, and in the 3rd - the Sumerians. In the tomb of Tutankhamun were discovered gold earrings. In ancient Rome and ancient Greece loved earrings of gold, made in the form of discs and pendants. Number earrings reflect social status. The right to wear jewelry in both ears had only rich people, while one instance relied to slaves. Only later they hit the spot and the usual free citizens. On the Eastern lands, this kind of jewelry originated in about 3-2 millennium BC. e.

Earrings were popular among the Babylonians, Slavs, Persians, Arabs, Germans, Indians. All nationalities are two earrings were considered the prerogative of wealthy people, but their design differed significantly. So, for example, the rich men Scythians wore gold earrings in the form of rings or spirals, the inhabitants of the ancient Black Sea wore earrings of gold in the form of discs and harnesses with images of animal heads. Birds, insects, flowers and fruits of many nationalities were a favorite decoration theme. At different times and in different nations men and women wore earrings. In Europe, fashion earrings of gold and other materials appeared in the XVII century. These ornaments have become true works of jewelry art, adapting to meet the spirit of the times.

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