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This type of jewelry is perhaps one of the most ancient, the occurrence of which was practical in nature, and not pursued any aesthetic purposes. Brooches and pins appear in the Bronze Age and used to attach elements of clothing. Initially, for these purposes, primitive people used thorns and spikes different, but with the knowledge of the principles of metal forging humanity began to actively introduce ironwork into their lives. Early Christian period, took a big step forward in its impact on the brooch in the fifth and sixth centuries. It brought new symbols and inscriptions on brooches, bringing brooches and pins closer to its decorative nature, as well as Byzantium.

As a rule, religious jewelry applied religious images from the Holy Scriptures. This tradition has developed many centuries ago. From Christianity to Islam, from Judaism to Buddhism, all religions seek to embody their own variations of religious symbols, because the unique religious jewelry is very popular among people of different faiths. Religious views are manifested in a variety of forms, from rings to bracelets, from necklaces and chains to tie clips and special medallions for both men and women.

Not so long ago society was common misconception that brooches and pins – jewelry of bygone years. But top designers of fashion houses have refuted this opinion using religious brooches and pins in their trendy collections. And all because of that golden brooch with precious stones has a magical property to refresh a suit, and also makes a special evening charm together.

In a wide range of our internet store are religious brooches and pins of white, yellow and red gold, as well as a brooch with diamonds, pearls, emeralds, amethyst and other precious stones. There is also a collection of gold pins with precious stones, enamel and diamond face. We invite you to choose brooches and pins in special category. Hope this jewelry will be a perfect gift for religious person.