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Tie pin - exclusively male accessory, but has a special charm. Moreover, such nuance as a pin is always talking about the respectability of its owner, and in the right hands, it will tell a lot about the taste of its owner and with subtle hint emphasizes elegance. Therefore, a man who wears a suit, certainly must have accessories of their respective preferred tones in clothing and tie pin lifestyle. The mechanism of this important accessory is simple.

Despite the fact that the first mention dates back the heyday of ancient Egypt, when a piece of colorful material draped over the shoulders, testified about the status of men an integral subject of the male wardrobe, it became only roughly in 1635. French queen, Anne of Austria, the officers saw the Croatian army variegated silk handkerchief, was fascinated by this accessory. But the first ties were somewhat uncomfortable while working or riding snare, it was necessary to hold them, which led to the emergence of another stylish wardrobe units - a tie pin. At first they were only practical, but eventually took a firm place among the other male elements.

This small detail allows to complete an image of a successful person. With tie clip a classic suit looks perfectly, which are strongly associated with success. A man in a good suit - is a business person. Quality watches and shoes for the stronger gender - are the accessories that allow you to add features to the image of respectability. This details complete men’s style. The main thing that was knitted tie, then it can be done without prejudice. The usual silk tie we don’t recommend to pierce by usual tie pin.

In our store, you can buy tie clips of famous French and Italian brands. Among the models catalog also presents interesting models developed by American designers. Allow yourself or a loved one this bright, elegant touch that will allow without words to express the views and tastes that will enhance the owner's status in the eyes of others.