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Tie Clips - relatively young invention, appears at the end of the XIX century. This little thing has practical and aesthetic value. Golden tie clips are considered to be jewelry unlike terminals of the base material, which, although they can be attributed to jewelry, but due to non-precious material from which they are made, more correctly are called jewelry.

In history clips closely related to the origin of the necktie. It’s ancestor was a longtime neckerchief that insulates the Roman legionaries. Along with it came special clips. Through Romania and Croatia fashion they came to France, where it flourished. Future tie clips lavishly decorated with precious stones, and neckerchiefs transformed into luxurious jabot lace.

In the XIX century such splendor gave a way to more austere forms: in Europe and United Kingdom was introduced the prototype of the modern long and narrow tie-tape, which immediately became fashionable. It also became sharper and rigorous. This happened under the curtain of XIX century, and since then accessories enjoyed unwavering popularity among men.

Ties together with any rules of wearing them, including related accessories. Etiquette states that tie clip should not be noticeable because of buttoned jacket. However, it doesn’t fully apply to items made of precious metals: works of jewelry sometimes deserve to be seen. Moreover, it’s mission is to demonstrate to others the financial position, status and fine taste of the owner. Respectability highlights and elegant silhouettes, and noble materials, inserts and tie clip made of precious and semiprecious stones. With a variety of models, even such a small piece of jewelry, as tie clip allows the holder to emphasize their individuality and subtle aesthetic taste. In our website we offer for all buyers to find, choose and buy the best tie clips all over the world, the most well-known brands which are producing it’s products only with quality materials!