Spyglass Designs Men's Snake Bracelet Cuff Spine Bone Brass Metal Cast Inserts Adjustable, 8" 9"

Silver Insanity Tribal Warrior Tattoo Wide Pewter Adjustable 8" Cuff Bracelet

Silver Insanity Mens Heavy Solid Copper Celtic Knot 8" Cuff Bracelet

Silver Insanity Steampunk Distressed Brass and Brown Genuine Leather Cuff Bracelet Wristband 7" or 8"

Heavy Solid Sterling Silver Greek Key Pattern Cuff Bracelet

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Knife Edge Heavy Weight Handmade 7.25 inch

Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Flat-wire Handmade 7.25 inch

NOVICA .925 Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet 8", Rivers of Life'

NOVICA Men's Brown Leather and .925 Sterling Silver Bracelet 'Chankas Warrior', 8.75"

NOVICA .925 Sterling Silver Men's Chain Bracelet, 8.75", Passion'

Cuff bracelet - it's a big and wide bracelet, often made by hard metal or plastic clasp, leather. In past time in Europe, Asia and Africa, in India and Egypt, both men and women wore cuff bracelets on the hand from the wrist to the elbow. The film "The Great Gatsby" revived the golden age of cuff bracelet. This bracelet exudes modernity and power. It helps men feel more confident. Wide metal and leather bracelets have already occupied a place of honor on hands of modern and stylish men. Maybe it's time for you to update this kind of such accessory too?

Cuff bracelet - a truly unique decoration, noble, equally ideal for everyday image and evening too. But, with a small caveat: this accessory is best combined with monochrome things of simple forms, white pants suit in men's style, for example.

Cuff bracelet is ideal for minimalist images, and for the more spectacular too. These cuff bracelets may be worn on bare arm or over the sleeve of clothing - one on each wrist, or 2-3 on the one hand, if they are narrow. Especially it looks stylish when cuff bracelets of the same style are on both hands.

Cuff bracelets are especially important in structured silhouettes, which again come back into fashion. It can be found in the collections of luxury brands like Gucci, Lanvin and Roberto Cavalli. The collection includes such Swarovski bracelets of different materials: gold-plated or pink, a combination of leather and crystal mesh encrusted with crystals, plastic parts and enamel elements.

We offer you original branded cuff bracelets of latest collections. We devote a lot of time in finding these manufacturers that make quality jewelry with high-end design while offering a reasonable price. Different types of weaving presented allow to pick up the bracelet exactly for your taste. Men's Bracelet - perhaps the most versatile decoration on hand. We hope that you will get pleasure from visiting our online store and find the best cuff bracelets for your.