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14k Yellow Gold Enameled Sunglasses Adjustable Cute Toe Ring Set Fine Jewelry For Women Gift Set

14k Yellow Gold Polished Enameled Sunglasses Toe Ring

14k Yellow Gold Green Enamel Sunglasses Toe Ring

14k Yellow Gold Black Enamel Sunglasses Toe Ring

14k Yellow Gold Red Enamel Sunglasses Toe Ring

As usual a toe ring (or birchia) is produced from various metals or other materials. It is worn on any of the toes. However, the second toe is the most common place for ring wearing because it’s the longest one proportionally and thus the easiest one to put the toe ring on. This jewelry is supposed to be the new fashion accessory that has no symbolic meaning. Therefore, the people combine them, as a rule, with anklets, flip flops, barefoot sandals or even bare feet.

Toe rings are represented in various shapes, designs and forms. They may use different materials. Moreover, toe rings are possible to be decorated with diverse gemstones, semi-precious stones and simple crystals. There are two types of this accessory – fitted toe ring (has the only size) and adjustable toe ring (may change its size with the help of the gap at the bottom).

The main aim of this jewelry consists in beautifying the people’s feet. In such a way the toe ring is possible to emphasize the grace and refinement of your feet as well as make the accent on your lovely pedicure. With the help of such accessory you will receive a great opportunity to stand out in the crowd, showing your individuality and incredibly deep inner charisma.

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