Glass Dangle Belly Button Navel Ring with Clear Crystal Gem, made from recycled bottles. 14g, 316L Surgical Stainless Steel

Body Candy 00 Gauge Light Purple Unfinished Ear Gauge Plug (1 Piece)

Body Candy 4 Gauge Pink Unfinished Ear Gauge Plug (1 Piece)

Body Candy Pink Unfinished Straight Ear Gauge Plug (1 Piece) 8 Gauge

Old Glory Replacement Barbell Glow Sticks - 5 Pack

Pair of Glass Spirals: 6g Smoke

Pair of Glass Double Flared Solid Plugs: 00g Black

Pair of Glass Double Flared Solid Plugs: 7/16" Cobalt

Pair of Glass Single Flared Eyelets: 2g Cobalt

Pair of Glass Double Flared Solid Plugs: 1/2" Cobalt

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