Sterling Silver Children's Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace , 15"

KATE LYNN Nirvana of Phoenix Pendant Necklace ♥Gifts for Mom♥ Women Jewelry Made with Swarovski Crystals Wanzi Chain 17.7" + 2” Extender

Girl's Sterling Silver First Communion "Dancing Cross" Heart Necklace

HYZ Pack of 6 Boho Layered Necklace Pendant Moon Star Turquoise Feather Coin Chain Girls Women Jewelry Set

I Love You Forever Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

U7 Bible Verse Prayer Necklace with Free Chain Christian Jewelry Stainless Steel Praying Hands Coin Medal Pendant

Solid 14k Yellow Gold Bull Head Charm Pendant

CARSINEL Cosplay Brand New Black Panther Wakanda King T'Challa Pendant Necklace

HUIMEI Double Color Oval Shape Stones Reversible Pendant Tassel Necklace

Lifetime Jewelry Crucifix, Classic Jesus Piece Necklace 24K Gold Over Bronze (Choice of Cross With or Without Pendant Chain)

Pendant is an irreplaceable part of every jewelry collection. This accessory is produced with the aim of additional decoration for chains and bracelets. Its origin is dating back to the ancient times. Thus, the early cavemen created the pendant from a shell or rock, which was hung around the neck with a grass or vine string. The ancient Egypt was famous for its scarab beetle pendants, which symbolized power and wealth. Therefore, a lot of people from higher classes wore this type of accessory. Furthermore, there were cartouche pendants, which were put on by royalty. They symbolized the person’s status in the society. Nowadays we are also able to wear a particular pendant that shows our special status in the society. In such a way many of the rich and well known artists may be seen on television wearing diamond or other precious types of pendants.

This type of accessory uses various materials in manufacturing. Thus, you will be able to acquire pendants from precious metals (silver, gold, platinum), base metals, gemstones and semi-precious gems. Moreover, you will receive a great chance to admire the beauty of pendants made up of bones, plastic, porcelain, glass and even wood. Generally, there exist various kinds of pendants. They range from the pendants with religious symbols to horoscope signs, various animals, different symbols and many other shapes and designs. This accessory differs in size, form, decoration and design. As usual the pendants are decorated with engraved drawings, enamel and different inlaid works.

This kind of jewelry accessory features various functions. In such a way we are possible to point out the next of them:

• Identification;

• Award;

• Ostentation;

• Ornamentation;

• Protection (religious symbols, amulets);

• Self-affirmation (names, initials).

Thus, having a rich history, possessing numerous variations and designs as well as holding different functions, the pendant may become really special accessory for you. Moreover, this charming jewelry item will easily turn into an ideal gift for your close friends and relatives. The incredible assortment of pendants may be found out in our online shop. Here you will be possible to admire the fantastic beauty of pendants from precious materials and those ones, who use simple metals and decoration. All of them will be able to turn into an elegant, luxurious, original and striking add-on that is appropriate either for formal occasion or every day usage. With our help you will get an amazing opportunity to choose something for business costume or evening dress. Here you will envisage variants that are perfect for your color of skin and eyes as well as your general appearance. The pendants from our internet service will underline all your advantages and change your style in better way. So, visit us right now and make a pleasant purchase for the good of your soul.