Sterling Silver Children's Petite Embossed Heart Locket Pendant Necklace , 15"

JOYMIAO Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Aromatherapy Locket Magnetic Closure Pendant Jewelry Set 24 Chain

Girls' Sterling Silver Children's Petite Heart Satin Finish with Polished Edge Locket Necklace, 14.75"

Children's 14k Gold-Filled Embossed Edge Heart Locket Necklace

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Lifetime Jewelry Photo Locket for Women and Girls [ Two Hearts ] - Up to 20X More 24k Real Gold Plating Than Other Heart Locket Necklaces That Hold Pictures - Choice of Pendant with or Without Chain

14K Gold Photo Locket Pendant with Diamond, Heart Shape with Necklace Chain by Juliette Collection

Dotiow 30mm Round Floating Locket w/ 50pcs No Duplicated Floating Charms Double-sided Locket Plate 24inch Stainless Steel Chain Birthday Xmas Gift

15 In Yellow Gold Or Silver Mother of Pearl Cross Heart Locket Necklace For Children

AZORA Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Stainless Steel Locket Pendant Jewelry for Women Girls Boys Kids

A locket is a pendant that offers some space for saving of a photograph or other small item. In such a way this accessory has its special story to tell and interesting secret held tightly within. The locket is possible to contain symbols of love, history, happiness, pleasant memories of the past days and even hopes for the future. It possesses the pure magnetism, playing the role of wonderful and intimate memento of love and devotion, which is constantly close to the heart.

Nowadays lockets are represented in nearly every shape and size imaginable. The most popular among them are heart shaped lockets, which are an embodiment of romance and tenderness. Moreover, a lot of young people give their preference to traditional oval lockets, which look very harmonious and lovely too. There exist also other styles and shapes to choose from such as rectangular, round, unique and designer. However, in most cases they depend on the particular occasion.

Lockets use different materials. They are possible to be made up of a great range of precious metals such as silver, gold, white or rose gold. Moreover, they are possible to use diamonds, glass and various gemstones. Lockets may be decorated with interesting carvings and engraving. Therefore, their assortment will undoubtedly satisfy any hard-to-please customer.

As usual lockets hide one or two photographs. However, there are some specially produced accessories, which can hold up to eight pictures. There are also lockets which have been fashioned as “spinner” lockets. They have bail that is attached but not fixed to the accessory itself. Such lockets were common during the Victorian Age.

The incredibly interesting locket is made of glass pane. This kind of accessory will allow you to see what it hides inside without opening. The destination of such locket consists in saving of special items (for example, locks of hair).

One more curious locket is presented in the filigree style. It features a small cushion in the center to which a few drops of perfume may be added. Such accessory was very popular in times when personal hygiene was restricted. So, the main task of this locket consisted in masking of person’s odour. Nowadays such locket may be used by people, who desire to feel the constant aroma of their favorite perfumes.

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