$500 - $1000

Diamond & Star Ruby Cross Pendant Necklace Set In 14K White Gold with 18" Chain

Diamond & Simulated Alexandrite Cross Pendant Necklace Set In 14K White Gold with 18" Chain

Galaxy Gold 5.36 CT. 14K White Gold Modern Heart Necklace with Natural Diamonds and Rubies

14K Yellow Gold 5MM Cuban/Curb Link Chain Necklace- Made in Italy- Multiple Lengths available

18K Solid Yellow Gold 3mm Cuban Curb Link Chain Necklace- Made in Italy-18 Karat…

14K Gold and Leather Necklace with Diamond and Saphire

Galaxy Gold 5.36 CT. 14K Yellow Gold Modern Heart Necklace with Natural Diamonds and Rubies

Diamond Jewel 14K White Gold 3/8 cttw Diamond Bezel Solitaire Pendant Necklace

Bezel-Set Garnet Pendant with Diamond Halo (7mm Garnet)

$900Tag Large Silver Navajo Natural White Buffalo Turquoise Native American Slave Bracelet Ring

Do you know which type of accessory was preferred by Cleopatra – a well-known fatal temptress? It was a massive gold necklace richly decorated with precious stones. She wore it constantly and practically without taking off because she properly knew that this accessory underlines all her beauty as well as the empress status.

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