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Charm bracelet decorates our hand. Moreover, it helps us create the first impression about the definite person. With its assistance we are possible to receive a specific message about the personality as well as about his/her tastes and preferences in clothes, accessories and appearance.

Charm bracelet is typically made of metal. It has decorative trinkets and pendants hanging from it. We know practically nothing about its origin. However, there exists a version that this jewelry style is dated back at least as far as ancient Egypt. In early times, charms were produced from gems, rocks and wood. Their main goal consists in revealing the status within a civilization or warding off enemies. However, with the course of life, they became markers of milestones.

When some time has passed the popularity of charms faded. But in the mid-2000s there came their time. Charms turned into incredibly popular accessory, especially among young girls and couples. There existed even some ritual to wear such bracelet of the same design and with the same motives for expression of couple’s connection and the unity in love. Besides, charms have become a classic gift nowadays.

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