Jetset Tie Clip Collection

Main Street 24/7 James Bond 007 Silvertone/Black Enamel Metal Tie Clip

Basket Hill, Star Trek Logo in White, Black and Silver Tone Tie Clip / Tie Bar

DC Comics Captain America and Silver Tone Tie Clip / Tie Bar

Zysta Mixed Colors Gentleman Formal Dress Tie Clips Stainless Steel Stylish Tuxedo Wedding Business Dress Necktie Bar Clasps Set

Zysta Stainless Steel Luxury Elegant Gentleman Wedding Busniess Dress Necktie Cips Tie Pinch Bar Clasps Set

Zysta Gentleman Stainless Steel Tie Chain + Tie Clip + Cufflinks Silver Gold Tuxedo Shirts Formal Dress Set with Gift Box

Qiji Novelty Cuff Links and Tie Clip Copper Silver Cufflinks and Gold Tie Clip, Vary Colors

Sayers London Sterling Silver Classic Tie Slide

Sterling Silver Football Tie Tack

Tie clips history dating back to ancient China with fashion scarves. At that time it was customary to decorate clips jewels and ornate engraving. But in time it changed into simple elegance. In England, in the late 19th century in vogue appeared so-called tie-tapes, which are popular to these days. From that time were made conservative tie clips with simple forms. Serious silhouette and ease of clips beautifully complemented with luxurious fabrics. Since then, in classic men’s fashion prevail rigor, simplicity and respectability.

Tie clip is a fashionable accessory for boys. To buy gold tie clip as a gift - it means to make a great gift that all the time at people’s attention, and which will be pleasing the eye of its owner and others. Golden tie clip gives a complete image of the businessman or gentleman, even for boys. You can find and buy any tie clip in our online jewelry store also.

Any official event can’t do without the traditional suit and tie. To tie your look even more impressive, it should be decorate by clip. We bring to your attention the following page of our jewelry catalog - tie clips. We invite you to browse golden clips and other materials and metals. The required characteristics of jewelry can be found in the description of all clips.

How to wear a tie clip? Tie clip should be located strictly between the third and fourth-down shirt. Not below or above. Tie clip should attach tie and shirt, not the front and back of the tie. Never wear tie clips, which are wider than tie. Tie clip should be well matched to the tie, in harmony with the suit as a whole. Properly selected tie clip will be a stylish addition to your suit. Tie clip will give for your style finality and solemnity. After making the right choices once, you will return to us as your faithful partner of exclusive jewelry.