Suzanne Kalan

Kalan by Suzanne Kalan 14k Rose Gold, White Topaz, and White Sapphire Pendant Necklace

Suzanne Kalan "The Classics" 6mm Round Blue Topaz Ring

Suzanne Kalan The Classics Round Blue Topaz Diamond Loop Necklace

Kalan by Suzanne Kalan Green Envy 14k Yellow Gold, Topaz, and White Sapphire Necklace

Kalan by Suzanne Kalan 14k Yellow Gold and Salmon Topaz Pendant Necklace

Kalan by Suzanne Kalan Round Chalcedony Necklace, 16''+2'' Extender

Kalan by Suzanne Kalan Green Onyx Drop Earrings

Kalan by Suzanne Kalan 14k Yellow Gold and Salmon Topaz Drop Earrings

Kalan by Suzanne Kalan Round Rose de France Necklace

Kalan by Suzanne Kalan 14k Gold Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

Suzanne Kalan and her husband created their own brand Kalan in 1988 after the birth of their daughter Patile. Both designers have been involved in the jewelry business since their teenage years. Therefore, they properly knew how to retail and manufacture the special accessories, which would attract attention of the surrounding people. What is more, Suzanne’s background in designing combined with the incredible love to the gorgeous jewelry let her achieve the fantastic heights in jewelry industry at all. Therefore, nowadays, this brand is supposed to be one of the most asked-for and needed in the whole world.

At the present time, Suzanne Kalan creates handcrafted collections, which are notable for their femininity and romanticism. Her accessories feature some modern accents, which are really actual at present. Generally, the brand’s jewelry represents a delicate balance between shining, antique-influenced design and framed gemstones. Moreover, these accessories emphasize the magnificent beauty of a simple, faceted stone. Using a setting with the shapes of backdrop, Suzanne just scantily frames or outlines the main gemstone. Therefore, all accessories of her collections look very refined and underestimated. However, they embody some dramatics and tender elegance. Additionally, the designer gives a special attention to gemstones choosing. In such a way, she travels around the world to make sure that each stone will be originally cut to fit her jewelry collection.

Nowadays, Suzanne Kalan brand is famous for its charming and stunning jewelry collections. One of them is Vitrine Collection that features the usage of various transparent stones such as pale amethyst or white and blue topaz. They are cut flat on the top and bottom of the accessory with the aim to maximally underline the incredible beauty and endless sparkling of diamonds. Furthermore, a lot of clients prefer jewelry items offered by the Signature Fireworks collection. These accessories comprise fascinating rose gold ring with an explosion of white or champagne diamonds baguettes on a round setting.

Suzanne Kalan jewelry is loved all over the world. Therefore, such accessories may be easily purchased in the US, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Moreover, the brand jewelry is possible to be acquired in Liberty of London, Isetan and Artisan in Japan, the Central Market of Moscow and Al Masaood Jewellery in Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, it should be admitted that Suzanne Kalan brand won the Couture Design Award in 2014.