Sethi Couture

$100 - $300

Sethi Couture is a line of fine accessories which belong to some kind of burgeoning jewelry. This brand, being found by sisters Pratima and Prerna Sethi, features the excellent allure of natural color diamonds together with wonderful shining white diamonds of the white color that have the shapes of rose cuts, briolettes and old mine cuts. Moreover, possessing the definite aesthetic vision, both designers represent the fusion of color in their jewelry collections. Therefore, their accessories are really notable for their distinctive style that combines the modern notes and glamorously timeless accents.

Generally, the brand Sethi Couture follows the peculiar philosophy which should improve the ordinary way of life. Pratima and Prerna believe that such simple pleasures as sipping a cup of aromatic coffee, fascinating the rainbow after the thunderstorm, observing the falling stars on the night sky, feeling the breeze on the face, enjoying children smiling may bring a sense of complete fulfillment and satisfaction into the life of every person. Therefore, the principles of love and estimation have been put into practice of their jewelry designing. What is more, each accessory, produced by Sethi Couture, had the intention to embody heirloom quality that would be cherished and descended from generation to generation.

Speaking about the peculiarities of given jewelry, they use natural color diamonds, white rose, briolette and old mine cuts in their production. What is more, featuring vivid tints and unusual cuts, Sethi Couture accessories capture the attention of surrounding people and delight the eye of their possessors. The jewelry of this brand may be described as contemporary glamour that arouses an abundant history and timelessness. Besides, being made up of magnificent 18k gold, these accessories look perfect nevertheless the definite place, time and occasion.

The little luxuries, offered by this brand whether it’s a diamond cluster necklace, engagement rings or fantastic earrings, are real treasures that turn every woman into the independent and confident person, who possesses her own unique style. What is more, with the help of Sethi Couture accessories, all women radiate natural beauty, romance, tenderness and elegance.

So, it’s not a wonder that such successful brand as Sethi Couture is a member of the following industry organizations: AGS, NCDIA, AGTA, CJA, Women’s Jewlry Association, JBT and IDCA.