Phillips Frankel

Philips Frankel brand may be really considered as a new phenomenon in the modern jewelry design. Its founders Lisa Frankel (nee Phillips) and Danielle Frankel represented their own way for a new category of fine accessories, offering the advanced mix of wearable classic design with high aesthetic and fashionable image.

Speaking about Lisa Frankel, she has been designing since her early childhood. It was her favourite hobby to create anything she could make with her hands. Moreover, her creations helped her win numerous awards and recognition. With the course of time, Lisa decided to move to Miami for giving a birth to her daughter Danielle. At that time, she was forced to narrow her artistic focus, making the main emphasis on jewelry production. Therefore, she began to produce lovely accessories for different charitable organizations and close friends. When some time passed, Lisa Frankel opened her own business. In such a way, the jewelry manufacturing turned into a tipping point. At the same time, Lisa understood that she needs a partner. And, her daughter Danielle has played a great role in it.

As to Danielle, she was incredibly creative and artistic personality who felt the natural inclination for the arts. In her early ages, she was a dancer who desired to familiarize the art of ballet. Moreover, she dreamt of the acceptance to the prestigious Miami City Ballet School. However, when she moved to Boston, she has extended her range of interests, having focused on jewelry design. After that she began to work with the mother during summers. Such experience opened her eyes and she understood that jewelry designing became her life mission. What is more, such cooperation helped Lisa realize that Danielle would be an excellent partner in her business. So, the two talented and creative designers began to master their own original and unique style as well as create fantastic mini-collections of stunning and magnificent accessories. In such a way, the world outstanding brand Phillips Frankel was found.

In 2007, the company began to produce jewelry items for private clients. However, beginning from 2009, both designers had been receiving numerous requests all over the world. Therefore, they decided to concentrate their forces on designing accessories for public usage. In April, 2010, Phillips Frankel brand released a capsule collection. Over the next three years, the company expanded its collections. So, nowadays, Phillips Frankel brand is an outstanding jewelry line that is loved and adored by lots of celebrities and TV stars. Besides, the accessories of this company are constant attributes on the covers of fashion magazines and publications.