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Melissa Joy Manning Sterling Silver Wishbone Earrings

Melissa Joy Manning is a powerful and unique designer that created a fantastic collection of modern and unusual jewelry, featuring various stylistic trends. She dedicated her life to producing of magnificent accessories that would be loved by people all over the world. She stated that she liked to challenge the ideals of traditional jewelry by mixing conventional materials to create neoteric pieces. What is more, she believed in the performance of the piece, and one of her greatest inspirations was in knowing that people would treasure their jewelry, hopefully for generations. Her first jewelry line was designed in 1997.

Melissa began her creative life at the Instituto de Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where she has been studying the traditional silver smithing. Furthermore, she entered the University of Barcelona which helped her understand the European design principles. What is more, Melissa studied at the University of California, San Diego. There she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in jewelry design and sculpture.

The first accessory produced by Melissa Joy Manning was made up in pre-school. It was a ceramic bead necklace for her mother. At the present time she creates diverse product lines including a wonderful collection of bridal jewelry. This designer doesn’t stand still. She always moves forward, mastering the personal skills and broadening the own creative ideas. She considers her accessories as definite expressions, but not a simple jewelry. Therefore, she thinks that her accessories may influence the way every person feels.

Generally, Melissa produces her jewelry from materials found worldwide. Each piece of accessory is made by hand in her Berkeley studio by the special production staff. While manufacturing her jewelry items, the designer uses various wasteful modern techniques of casting as well as machine molding. Therefore, representing the timeless techniques of traditional metal smithing, Melissa is possible to provide fantastic accessories that are both environmentally friendly and inimitable. What is more, all jewelry pieces, offered by this brand, are made up of 100% recycled gold and silver.

Speaking about gemstones, which decorate Melissa Joy Manning jewelry collections, they are of the highest quality, guaranteeing great ecological standards. In such a way, 70% of all gemstones come from the United States. As to the diamonds, they are purchased only from key partners.

Finally, it should be admitted that given brand follows a definite corporate philosophy that means both social and environmental sustainability. Therefore, the company makes certain investments in the communities and people.