Lauren Harper Collection

Lauren Harper has possessed incredibly creative roots from her early childhood. Being a little child, she was a classical violinist. Sometime later, she was fond of painting and singing. Lauren attended Colgate University and after its graduating she began her career in advertising in New York City. However, being bored of such corporate world, she decided to work with her hands. She understood that it has been important for her that she had something tangible at the end of a day’s work. Therefore, she finally realized that the jewelry design was that thing she has been looking for so long period of time. So, there was nothing for her as to master her goldsmithery skills and develop the business relationships with the most successful stone dealers throughout the world.

Nowadays, Lauren Harper Collection is a famous jewelry brand that is loved and adored by numerous people all over the globe. Moreover, Lauren is considered to be one of the most successful jewelry designers of the present time. Desiring to create the fantastic and original accessories, she travels throughout the earth to discover gemstones that feature the ideal distinctiveness and color. In such a way, she frequently attends such world corners as Namibia, Laos, Botswana, Cambodia, South Africa, India and Thailand to find the special pieces which will present a definite sensibility and uniqueness to her jewelry collection.

Usually, Lauren Harper produces her accessories from warm 18k gold, combining it with brightly colored gemstones that have diverse combinations. It may be Peruvian opals, black diamonds, moonstones, Thai sapphires as well as striking white diamonds. Lauren states that she finds her inspiration through mixing the individual characteristics and peculiarities of each stone with the particular architecture, art and culture of places she visits. Therefore, jewelry collections, offered by Lauren Harper brand, always embody and refer to ancient Egyptian and Byzantine designs or Khmer ruins. The designer believes that her accessories have their roots in the past that’s why they will be never off trend and fashion.

It should be mentioned that Lauren Harper Collection jewelry has been displayed in Glamour, InStyle, W and Town & Country. What is more, the accessories of this talented designer are loved by such famous celebrities as Courtney Cox, Katie Couric, Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes.