King Baby

King Baby 10mm Men's Blue Tiger Eye Bead Bracelet with Bone Skull

King Baby Micro Skull on Micro Rolo Chain Pendant Necklace, 18"

King Baby "Crowned Heart" Small 3D Crowned Heart Leverback Earrings

King Baby Men's MB Cross Light Link Sterling Silver Bracelet

King Baby Wide Relic Band Sterling Silver Ring, Size 7

King Baby 8mm Onyx Multi-Skull Cross Bead Bracelet, 7.5"

King Baby Large 3D Pave Pink Cubic Zirconia Crowned Heart Pendant Necklace

King Baby Leather with Silver Shackle Clasp Bracelet

King Baby Men's Black Onyx Beads with Sterling Silver Roses Bracelet

King Baby Men's Stackable Studded Ring with MB Crosses

The term “King Baby” was originated by Sigmund Freud. It means a definite mental condition when the people believe the world revolves around them. Partially, such meaning is referred to jewelry brand “King Baby”.

This brand of accessories was found by the wonderful designer Mitchell Binder, who really adored his profession and mission. He said that what he loved about jewelry, it became a very personal piece to whoever wore it. That was one of the things that just did it for her. It gave it meaning, it was very fulfilling and gave people some sort of identity as well. That was the gift. That was the specialness. That was what he wanted to hang onto.

Being a teenager, Mitchell moved from Jackson, Mississippi to Los Angeles, California. It was in 1970. This time was special because it reflected and embodied an unrestrained and uncontrollable spirit of idealism as well as incredible freedoms. In such a way, that period of time influenced the future designer vision of jewelry designing in a considerable way. Therefore, it may be surely stated that the main principles of King Baby brand consisted in the spirit of rock n’ roll and the freedom of the open road.

At the age of 15, Mitchell Binder became a jeweler’s follower and apprentice. However, shortly after that he started to design and create fantastic accessories on his own. Possessing an incredible charismatic personality, keen mind, excessive diligence and assiduity, Mitchell made the right contacts in a very short period of time. Therefore, he became one of the most successful designers of the present time, supplying a considerable part of Hollywood stars with his magnificent and gorgeous accessories. What is more, nowadays, King Baby Company is also cooperating with such legendary brands as Fender and Harley Davidson.

Speaking about the peculiarities of accessories represented by King Baby brand, they are produced in the United States. Company’s jewelry items combine such materials as sterling silver, 18k gold, different precious gemstones, leather and onyx beads. These accessories are very delicate and specific. They unite originality and elegance, modesty and luxury. King Baby jewelry is really special that’s why it will be perfect “for the chosen few”. Therefore, if you want to emphasize your individuality and unusual personal style, you should immediately purchase some interesting accessories offered by King Baby brand.