KC Designs

$100 - $300

Such jewelry brand as KC Designs has become an extreme front of diamond fashion jewelry throughout 30 years. Its main goal consisted in producing the universal accessories which would decorate and beautify any style of the representative of fair sex. During its existence, this company has created jewelry pieces which were worn by numerous celebrities and TV stars. What is more, magnificent accessories of KC Designs have been represented in various films, fashion runways, television shows as well as lots of fashion publications.

The founder of this brand is Lenny Krol. This talented designer united his incredible passion for design with the creative vision. In such a way he discovered completely new and original fashion trend in diamond jewelry. What is more, with the help of his masterful skills, inexhaustible energy and scrupulous attention to detail, Lenny created really exclusive jewelry collections.

Krol’s business partner is Joe Carullo. They both refreshed the general image and impression of the diamond jewelry. Therefore, their accessories collections are incredibly approachable, fun and accessible for any lady now. KC Designs products embrace the following accessories: pendants, earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings. All these jewelry items are made up of 14k white, rose and yellow gold. Moreover, the brand offers accessories from 18k gold. KC Designs offers only one variant of gemstones – diamond. However, this gem may be of different colours – black, white, blue and champagne. Additionally, all diamonds, used for jewelry production, are conflict free.

The best sellers of KC Designs are collections of earrings and pendants. These accessories are possible to embrace various styles, shapes and sizes. Thus, desiring to purchase some of these jewelry items, you will receive a chance to choose from cross necklaces, hoop earrings, diamond initial pendants etc. What is more, earrings and pendants are gathered into lovely sets that feature charm collection. In such a way, the 14k charms may be put on either as pendants or earrings to look perfect with the particular type of your clothes.

Speaking about KC Designs collections of bangles and bracelets, they represent accessories which may be worn every day or for special occasion. Their styles will look perfect in the working place as well as on some solemn event. Besides, the brand bracelets may be easily supplemented with fantastic Y-necklaces offered by KC Designs. These accessories feature various lengths and diverse combinations of gemstones. So, they will surely become an ideal jewelry for woman.

Concerning the KC Designs collections of rings, they are gorgeous. The company represents trendy and stylish stackable rings, which are possible to be used as wedding bands. These accessories comprise different colours of gold as well as diverse diamonds that’s why such jewelry items look very stunning, striking and luxurious.

Generally, the jewelry items of KC Designs brand may be easily purchased in the major jewelry stores throughout Canada, the USA, the UK, Japan as well as in the South American and Mexican markets. Besides, you will receive a great opportunity to buy some of these jewelry items online. Therefore, if you want to look like a real lady you should immediately become a possessor of elegant, classy and fun accessories produced by KC Designs.