Jordan Alexander

The founder of Jordan Alexander brand was Theresa Bruno – an amazing woman that has always had a passion for artistry and beauty. Devoting her early child and adult years for classical musician training, she understood that playing a wonderful music is practically the same as designing a fantastic jewelry item. Theresa thought that this desire to create accessories has come to her so naturally because of her Southern heritage. Moreover, she was undoubtedly influenced by her talented mother and sophisticated granny, who possessed an exclusive and luxurious jewelry collection that embodied the Southern style.

With the course of time, Theresa decided to create fantastic accessories, looking like her mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry that featured classic approach. At the same time she desired to produce something special that’s why she supplemented her jewelry pieces with some edgier design. Theresa named such look as Boho Chic. Generally, such accessories comprised massive and baroque pearls with chunky mine-cut diamonds in original method. Such extraordinary accessories design presented her the special confrontation of hipness and delicateness she was looking for so long period of time. In such a way, Theresa Bruno has finally begun to create her Jordan Alexander jewelry collection.

Most of precious items have been designed in Los Angeles. However, all the time, Theresa tried to stay not far from her Southern roots. Therefore, she organized the home office in Birmingham, Alabama. Theresa as well as her business partner had two sons each. So, the name of the jewelry collection was made up of the names of their two oldest kids, Jordan and Alexander.

Nowadays, this brand offers fantastic accessories that comprise incredibly feminine pearls, sliced gemstones and diamonds as well as silver, supple leather and gold of various colors. The accessories styles of Jordan Alexander Company range from statement designs to elegantly layering pieces. In such a way, such jewelry may be worn every day. So, its possessors will not pay a great attention on definite place, time and occasion. Furthermore, it happens very often that Jordan Alexander accessories are often notable for their baroque pearls and pearl slices. Therefore, they are possible to be put on by all women nevertheless their age, family or social status.

Jordan Alexander jewelry has been decorating the covers of such famous editions as Glamour, JCK Magazine and O Magazine. Moreover, editors from Marie Claire, Vogue Magazine, The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, and other publications have pointed out this jewelry line in editorial content. Besides, Jordan Alexander stunning accessories are constant fellows of the following celebrities: Julia Roberts, the First Lady Michelle Obama, Kristen Stewart, Pink, Miranda Lambert etc.