Honora 9-10 mm Black Tahitian Freshwater Cultured Pearl & 1/10 ct Diamond Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver

Honora 9-9.5mm White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver

Honora Freshwater Cultured Pearl Dangle Earrings (11 mm)

Honora Tahitian Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant Necklace with Diamond in Sterling Silver

Honora Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings

Honora Freshwater Cultured Children's Pearl Stud Earrings Set of 4

Honora Fuchsia Freshwater Ringed Cultured Pearl Earring, Bracelets & Necklace Set in Sterling Silver

Honora 7-10 mm Freshwater Teal Cultured Pearl Bolo Bead Bracelet with Slider in Stainless Steel

Honora Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace, Bracelet, and Earrings Set

Honora 7-10 mm Freshwater Black Cultured Pearl Bolo Bead Bracelet with Slider in Stainless Steel

Honora brand has been always associated with such notions as value and quality. It’s a famous jewelry company that takes a special place in the world jewelry industry. Honora chooses the greatest and most qualitative pearls, which are imported by the leading producers in China, Japan and various South Sea countries. Therefore, it’s not a wonder, that this brand represents the best accessories (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants or rings), which are in a wide diversity of styles and pearl types.

Producing its accessories in New York facility and Asia, Honora may be proud of its highest and the most qualitative standards. In such a way, comprising high quality and reasonable prices of its accessories from freshwater cultured pearls, Honora has helped to turn pearl jewelry into one of the most demanded and luxurious accessories for representatives of fair sex.

It should be admitted that pearl jewelry may be really regarded as a timeless classic. It is often an integral part of a family heirloom, passed along from grandmother to mother, and from mother to the daughter. Pearls provide the expression of romance and elegance. Therefore, such accessories are often one of the first precious pieces of fashion jewelry any woman desires to receive from her sweetheart. In such a way, Honora will become a perfect choice for the lady of any age or social status because this brand secures all daughters of Eve with both classic and Cutting-edge styles of such accessories.

Honora pearl jewelry is completely different because the company uses pearls of various shapes, sizes and colors. What is more, the following brand produces its jewelry collections in diverse styles. Therefore, Honora accessories from pearls will undoubtedly become the ideal choice for any woman because they are incredibly original, special and stunning.

Generally, this company produces its accessories from cultured pearls, which are of three main types: freshwater, South Sea and Akoya. However, it happens very often that the term “cultured pearls” is often misunderstood. Therefore, it’s very important to remember that this kind of pearls comprises any pearl product where people start the process of pearl growing. Speaking about the freshwater pearls, they embrace more than 90% pearl nacre, presenting the greatest array of colors and shapes. Additionally, it should be taken into consideration that Honora brand is a forefront of pearl color innovation. In such a way, it has developed a process for colors infusing except of the classic assortment of naturally occurring colors. Thus, Honora pearls are possible to be of ivory, pink, violet hues and natural grey colors.

So, expressing modesty and purity, the pearl jewelry offered by Honora brand may become an ideal gift for your sweetheart.