Gabrielle Sanchez

$100 - $300

Being a part of artistic family, Gabrielle Sanchez knew from the early childhood that she would become an outstanding designer someday. So, having graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1977, she decided to become a freelance jewelry designer. And within three years she was producing accessories on her own full time.

The special interest of Gabrielle was given to the essence of natural materials. However, her fascination with pearls was especial. Passing the corner of 47th Street, she noticed the luster of the pearls which feature fine quality, shapes and origins. At that moment she understood that Biwa pearls would become a perfect material for her métier. In such a way the magnificent pearl designer was born. These lovely irregular miracles inspired Gabrielle all the time. Moreover, she said that her jewelry designs have been always evolved directly from the essence of the materials. What is more, this amazing designer stated that pearls came to people whole and pure, unlike gemstones which had to be cut and modified into different man-made forms and shapes for setting.

Gabrielle’s adoration of natural materials and completely organic gems has inspired her to create a wonderful jewelry collection of alluring accessories with gorgeous refined elegance. In such a way she decided to facet jewelry stones in saturated, brisk and delicate colours. Moreover, faceting and smoothing accessories surfaces, Gabrielle supplemented the collection with vivid and distinctive visual dimension. Therefore, a lot of people choose Gabrielle’s earrings topped with her signature 18 karat gold flyers because they are incredibly easy-to-wear, exquisite and bright.

The representatives of the fair sex all over the world give their preference to fantastic pearl jewelry with Gabrielle Sanchez signature. The most famous followers of these accessories are Vanessa Williams, Katie Couric and Kim Bassinger. What is more, at the present time, American Pearl is ready to collaborate with this outstanding jewelry designer. Therefore, nowadays, Gabriella Sanchez secures the clients of American Pearl with gorgeous, heirloom-quality pearl earrings. These accessories are perfect variants for any occasion whether it is a formal event or just casual wearing. Moreover, they will surely impress any lady with their shining, naturalness and fantastic colours.