It happens very often that Borgioni jewelry is considered to be ideal accessories that perfectly match all ladies. The pieces of this jewelry brand capture the attention and spirit of numerous people as well as their founders. Thus, working in tandem, Tiffany and Rhonda (mother and daughter) are offering the special jewelry items for everyone. Their accessories designs feature sharp contrast, which their personalities also have. Thus, Rhonda owns a rock star style while Tiffany is a possessor of more bohemian taste. In such a way, the Borgioni jewelry may be really named very striking, stunning and blatant.

The history of Borgioni brand rises when the family matriarch, Emily Rose Borgioni Bartolacci, died some years ago and left her vintage jewelry pieces to Rhonda and Tiffany. Both women decided to reset stones and re-design antique jewelry into their own creation for wearing the family heirloom. Therefore, with the help of the local jeweler, they created a design that would honor the accessories that they inherited. Thereafter, family friends, relatives and colleagues were draw. They fell in love with new jewelry designs at once. In such a way, just a short time later, Tiffany and Rhonda decided to represent their masterpieces in public.

At the present time, Borgioni brand comprises some of the most expressive and manifold accessories of the modern fashion world. Tiffany and Rhonda jewelry is often described as original, exotic and infused. Moreover, a considerable part of fashion-conscious people consider Borgioni accessories as really unique items. Therefore, you shouldn’t be wondered that lots of present celebrities such as Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr, Steven Tyler or Brad Pitt choose brand bejeweled Buddha, glam-rock gold-nugget skulls, layered chains, sculpted bangles and romantic jewelry pieces inspired by nature.

Borgioni jewelry collections are really stunning. They feature extremely current vibe that is expressed by the presence of shark teeth, snakes, handcuffs or spikes in the general design of accessories. At the same time the jewelry items of this brand possess a special sense of refinement and delight. Therefore, every client of Borgioni will feel the specific way the jewelry wraps, its balance and wonderful pave.

In such a way, when you want to purchase the unique and original jewelry items which are real masterpieces, then look no further than Borgioni brand.