Being named after its founder Anzie Stein, Anzie Company carried a charitable purpose. When the designer’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, Anzie and her daughter Jaclyn began to administer charity. Following her sweetheart in NY and LA with the aim of medical treatment, Anzie spent her free time, envisaging numerous shops. In such a way she was inspired to create the jewelry line which would help raise the funds for supporting of cancer diseased people. Every further visiting of Los Angeles and New York turned into so called “healing and purchase”. Moreover, every visit strengthened the incredible incentive and efforts. In such a way, seeking for high quality that meant the presence of precious gemstones, Anzie Stein created the fantastic Lifesaver bracelet, leading to the official launch of Anzie Jewelry in 1999. Thus, the Anzie Company has been found.

Nowadays, the company has become one of the most successful corporations in the world. And it should be indebted for this to Jaclyn devotion to magnificent craftsmanship, fidelity to product design and constant participation in the production process.

Being found in 1999 in Montreal, Anzie Company received the admiration and devotion of the fashion world, celebrities as well as common women. Using the most magnificent precious gemstones from the whole globe, Anzie jewelry looks really gorgeous. Therefore, the plenty of colors and innovative style earned the incredible fame in the fashion industry. Besides, Anzie accessories may be noticed on the main solemn meetings.

Anzie jewelry pieces include the ordinary luxury in their basis. They are classic masterpieces and colorful expressions that reflect the natural beauty and style of the modern generation. Every jewelry item is unique that’s why it may be worn for any formal occasion. Besides, marvelous color combinations and creative potential makes Anzie accessories the everyday necessity.

Anzie jewelry collections are as various as women all around the world. At the same time, they have some common peculiarities – high quality, durability, elegance and inventiveness. In such a way, the Dew Drop Collection owns Anzie’s signature setting, which is inspired by the conciliative views of the ocean and the simplicity of early morning dew drops. The Bouquet Collection, comprising different colourful gemstones nicely arranged in floral patterns, features the inspiration by the wonderful nature. The Melia Collection combines the symmetry and opposites, playing with black-tie-worthy pieces and disobedient bends. The Aztec Collection, which is inspired by Art Deco and Southwestern tendencies, represents trillian cut gemstones, spikes and starbursts.

From the very beginning, Anzie Jewelry has been a celebration of life and color. And, this brand has surely achieved its goal. Therefore, Anzie accessories are very popular at the present time. Moreover, they are in high demand in numerous fashion publications and jewelry stores.