$100 - $300

14k Gold Filled Coppery Blue Mosaic Turquoise Earrings Large Long Teardrops Veining

Green Coppery Mosaic Turquoise Earrings Long Smooth Teardrops Simple Dangle Drops

14k Gold Filled Ametrine Earrings Heart Shaped Faceted Briolette Teardrops Purple Yellow

Sterling Silver Ametrine Earrings Heart Shaped Faceted Briolette Teardrops Purple Yellow

Green Malachite Earrings Smooth Cut Briolette Long Teardrops

14k Gold Filled Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings Baroque Large White Pearls 15mm

14k Gold Filled Turquoise Earrings Green Coppery Mosaic Veining Long Large Teardrops Smooth Cut

14k Gold Filled Ametrine Earrings Faceted Large Teardrop Drop Shape

14k Gold Filled Labradorite Earrings Goldtone Bezel Set Blue Flash Faceted Large Fat Drops

Olive Green Quartz Earrings Faceted Briolette Large Teardrops

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