200+ Carats Mixed Gem Natural Loose Gemstone Mix Lot Wholesale Loose Mixed Gemstones Loose Natural Wholesale Gems Mix, Mix Gems, Mixed Gemstone. Beverly Oaks Certificate of Authenticity

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Loose Very Good Cut Grade Color G Clarity VS

Round Brilliant Cut Loose Diamond Natural Earth-mined (G,SI) Extra-Ordinary Quality

Created Blue Sapphire Oval Variouis Sizes

Black Diamond Round Brilliant Cut Loose Diamond Natural Earth-mined Enhanced

Amethyst Cabochons

Round Brilliant Earth-mined Fancy Blue Diamond Loose (I1)

Blue Lab Sapphire Unset Loose Round Gem

Blue Simulated Tourmaline Oval 17mm

Created Padparadscha Sapphire Oval Orange Pink 13mm

This is special category of natural stones and gems in our Internet shop. Here you can buy natural stones and gems and jewelry from natural stones, buy beads, pendants, bracelets made of natural stones, buy crystals, tumbling.

Unquestionably, beauty of semiprecious stones is eternal. They replaced the money and were given the stones as gifts, they were used for treatment and stored for centuries. And in the future, natural stones will never be valued less and go out of fashion. On the contrary, their value will only increase, and in fashion stones can change only way to wear them. Our online store in your natural stones searching will guide you in your choice, and whatever you choose, they are unchanged in their properties, as well as thousands of years ago.

Secret knowledge qualities as have natural stones in ancient times used only favorites, now they become available to everyone. Even to buy a crystal that was rare before, is possible in our time. True knowledge and belief in something that can give a small stone talisman truly can achieve miracles. They have always been the embodiment of nobility and wealth, buy natural stones and store them as a family heirloom, it was a matter of prestige. So why not to take advantage of the ancient knowledge of the properties of powerful gems that have been tested over the centuries?

Time fleeting and eternal stones, touch to what it was before you for a thousand years, and will remain after. Feel the greatness of beauty in harmony with the natural qualities. As Internet-shop we offer our clients a wide range of gemstones and inserts from minerals of the Kola Peninsula, Finland and North Karelia. Also, here you can buy cabochons and harvesting of the antler and stone chips, minerals - the original material for the manufacture of jewelry and decorative works. Our online store offers a wide range of products made of natural stones also, here you will find - bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces made of natural stones.