$100 - $300

Juicy Couture Limited Edition 12 Glow in The Dark Charm

Authentic Trollbeads Glass 64110 Empowerment glass beads, Pink Kit-10

21st Charm - Silver Plated and Crystal - Birthday Heart Charm

925 Sterling Silver Mothers Charm Bracelet

Gold-Plated 925 Silver 21mm Boot Charm Bracelets (Size 7.25" or 8.25")

Gold-Plated 925 Silver 29mm 3-D Boot Charm Bracelets (Size 7.25" or 8.25")

Gold-Plated 925 Silver 26mm 3-D Boot Charm Bracelets (Size 7.25" or 8.25")

Gold-Plated 925 Silver 25mm Spur With Cowboy Boot Charm Bracelets (Size 7.25" or 8.25")

Sterling Silver 25mm Spur With Cowboy Boot Charm Bracelets (Size 6.5", 7.5" or 8.5")

Sterling Silver 26mm 3-D Boot Charm Bracelets (Size 6.5", 7.5" or 8.5")

Cute, romantic, shining or antique… Charms are possible to have different designs, forms and peculiarities. They are special because they may make you special. Charms are individual. With the help of this accessory you will receive a great opportunity to express your personality, living principles, priorities and outlook.

This lovely jewelry will undoubtedly embellish your general appearance. Moreover, charms will surely assist you with changing the old image into something original, extraordinary and elegant. The possessors of this accessory will be able not only to decorate their bracelets but also add new notes into the hackneyed wardrobe.

As we know charms are possible to be made up of different materials. Thus, there are a lot of various accessories from precious metals such as gold, rose gold white gold, silver or platinum. Moreover, you may easily purchase the charm from glass, plastic, wood and diverse gemstones. The assortment of modern charms is really stunning. Therefore, you will be secured with an amazing opportunity to select the appropriate charm to the specific type of clothes whether it’s a cocktail dress, a lovely sport suit of your favourite old jeans.

Your search of the proper charm will be more simplified if you visit our online shop because we represent an enormous assortment of wonderful accessories. Here you will be able to pick up something interesting or unusual, extraordinary or for casual wearing. Generally, our charm collection embraces accessories made up of blue Hawaii Murano glass and sterling silver, white crystal bead with the shapes of ball, 925 sterling silver round charm with paw print, the accessory in the form of heart with mother&son inscription, charm that is produced from white seashell pearl, the jewelry in the form of slippers, the magnificent accessory that represents the kissing couple, striking charm with gold flower and clear crystal, the curious accessory that looks like beach chair with umbrella, turquoise charm with Murano glass bead, the elegant jewelry made up of genuine jade stone as well as charms in the form of starfish, red apple, cute baby boy and 3D elephant.

In such a way your choice of the ideal charm will be really rich. Moreover, with the help of our online shop you will be able to purchase the accessory that matches your temper, mood, outlook and opinion to life.